Unknown Precept is an independent French record label specialising in outsider electronic music. Founded somewhat haphazardly in Paris in 2013, it is solely curated by Jules Peter out of his headquarters in Brussels and aims at highlighting unexposed talents while bringing together like-minded artists and scenes around the globe. Operating as an autonomous structure, the label releases thoughtfully-designed physical editions of recordings in a restricted range of formats, with a strong focus on avant-garde, leading-edge performances.

After spending some time in the French capital, Unknown Precept will then settle in Berlin for five years after relocating to eastern Germany back in 2014. Expanding its roster and building up numerous releases with prominent American and European newcomers such as Maoupa Mazzocchetti, Nick Klein, Cienfuegos or AIR LQD to name a few. There, the label will also be spending time and efforts in the making of sporadic events and annual showcases, occupying some of the best independent and institutional venues in Europe.

In early 2019, the label moves again to its new offices in Brussels, Belgium as a means to better focus on local projects and support new initiatives with its long-time collaborators and close affiliates.


Label Manager, Jules Peter.
Art Direction, Michel Egger.
Visual Coordination, Ailsa Ogden.
Design & Development, Paul Gacon.